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Teen Drivers say it’s ok to Speed

At least 2 out of every 5 drivers say that it is ok to break the speed limit of 30mph by about 10 mph more. Nearly 25% of these drivers are between the ages of 16 and 21. These same drivers also feel that there is nothing wrong with drinking about one and a half pints of beer or alcohol before getting behind the wheel.

These survey results were a part of a campaign launched by the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety. A poll was taken for 500 people aged between 16 to 21 and showed that at least 9% of males in this age bracket thought it was ok to drink more than one and a half pints of beer or alcohol before driving. Also, nearly 60% of drivers though that young drivers tend to behave more dangerously when carrying other young passengers.

The 3 organizations that are launching this campaign are urging for a restriction as far as the time of the day that young drivers should drive in order to prevent late night accidents. Young drivers should also be prevented from carrying young passeng…

Mothers are Distracted Drivers also!

As cautious as women drivers try to be, they tend to get as distracted, if not more, than their male counterparts. And this holds true if the female driver in question is a mom.

What with moms having to shuffle between doing household chores, fixing lunch, dropping their kids to school and going to work themselves, they have very little time for themselves. Plenty of moms confess that they fix their makeup and eat their breakfasts while dropping their kids to school; while driving. Everybody knows that moms are probably one of the most distracted drivers around!
If you don’t want to be one of those unfortunate moms in a mess with the authorities for distracted driving, then here are some tips to help reduce distractions in your daily routine.
Make sure everyone in the car is buckled up before you get started, and keep checking on them during stopovers.Keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel at all times.Never take calls while driving; divert all your calls to voicemail.All…

Aggressive Driving can Increase your Gas Mileage

Gas prices in many parts of the United States, and across the world, have increased drastically, and many drivers are struggling to stretch their gas tanks as much as possible.

Apart from buying a fuel-efficient car, there are a few ways to help you save your money on fuel. Today, it is very important to watch how you drive instead of what you drive.

This means stop being aggressive on the roads! The U.S. Energy Department has announced that the biggest savings on fuel will come from avoiding aggressive driving. This can help lower your mileage by nearly 33 percent on highways and by about 5 percent around towns. Driving carefully is a great way to save on fuel. Gentle braking and gradual acceleration are great ways to save your fuel.

Choosing a Defensive Driving School for your Teen

Statistics shown that car crashes and accidents kill more teens than suicide, homicide and cancer put together. And this is why it is very important to choose a reliable defensive driving school for your teen, as this could make all the difference between life or death. AAA or the Automobile Association of America has reported that teens only represent about 7% of the licensed population, but are involved in nearly 20% of all reported fatal accidents.

But in spite of these scary statistics, high gas prices and safety risks, there is no way you can curb the enthusiasm of a teen driver. Most teen drivers confess to being both nervous as well as excited about driving lessons, as it is new but something that they really want to do.

For teen aged 14 and 15 across the nation, AAA clubs have started offering free workshops and online tutorials. These courses are designed to give your teen that head start when looking for a good driving school, and they also provide the relevant tools and guide…

New Comedy Guys Defensive Driving Class in Texas

The Comedy Guys Defensive Driving courses are one of the biggest in Texas. They are now starting their newest class in Arlington. The newest course is at Arlington’s Third Base Sports Bar & Grill in 821 Six Flags Drive. The Comedy Guys Traffic School provides classes for drivers who wish to attend these classes in order to get a speeding ticket dismissed or get reduced auto insurance rates. The classes will be held on Friday’s and Saturday’s in the morning.

Arlington is a central metroplex, which is why having the classes there is ideal. It makes these classes easily available to all Arlington drivers, drivers from Western Dallas and the Easter side of Fort Worth, Irving, Mansfield and Grand Prairie. Third Base provides a dining room for students to learn from. It is a pleasant place with a great atmosphere for people to feel at ease and relaxed. The restaurant also provides a free lunch with refreshments.

Comedy Guys has been offering defensive driving classes in Texas for over 15 …

Romeoville students to get Safety Driving Lessons

The Romeoville Police Department is coordinating with the Romeoville High School to conduct a “Driver Safety Week” from Monday till Friday. The aim of this program is to increase the safety driving habits of teenage drivers. It has been reported that teenage drivers are involved in three times more fatal crashes than any other driver.

The main focus will be on three main issues that are related to crashes. These are: speeding, driving under the influence and safety belt usage. Today’s course will involve the department issuing informational brochures about vehicles in the parking lot in related to high school students who have been killed in the past due to speed-related accidents.
Tuesday’s course will have various officers stationed at different exits when the school releases. The officers will observe the students driving habits, whether the student is wearing a seat belt, etc. Students will be rewarded for driving safely and will be given a written warning for not driving safely. Th…